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CHAMP is a research group founded by Jeff Van Hanken and Co-Directed with Dr. Mark Brewin at The University of Tulsa. CHAMP stands for The Center for Health, Arts and Measurement Practices. CHAMP advances and strengthens evidence-based efforts to demonstrate links between work being done in the contemporary public arts field and positive outcomes pertaining to community resilience, well-being and population health. Among CHAMP’s Board members are artist and professor Laleh Mehran, University of Denver; Dr. Ricardo Wray, Chair of the Dept. of Behavioral Science and Health Education, St. Louis University; and Jack Becker, Founder of Forecast Public Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Members of the CHAMP team are excited about the results of their research so far into the relationship between public art and health. The team began gathering preliminary data for its pilot project by conducting a series of focus group interviews and individual qualitative interviews with residents of North Tulsa.

Research assistant Marjorie Bontemps, a graduate student in anthropology, was largely responsible for the latter set of interviews. For the two focus groups different members of the team—Ms. Bontemps, Dr. Mark Brewin, psychology grad student Chase Borden, and undergraduate student Layla Mortadha—helped lead discussions. This stage of information gathering is largely over, and the team is now beginning to transcribe the interviews and code them, with two new research assistants—Piper Prolago and Taylen Hitchcock—now also working on the project. In late August, several members of CHAMP were able to share some of their preliminary findings with BOP Consultants, the international research group that will be developing measurement strategies for the Greenwood Art Project.